DEIA Policy

✋🏾🏳️🌈💜 We believe in the power of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility. We recognize that these principles are not only essential for fostering a fair and just society but also crucial for the success and sustainability of our real estate business. This DEIA policy outlines our commitment to promoting diversity, ensuring equity, facilitating accessibility, and fostering inclusion within our organization and the communities we serve.


We value and celebrate the diversity of our employees, clients, and communities. We actively promote diversity within our workforce through fair recruitment, hiring, and retention practices, ensuring our team reflects the communities we serve.


We promote fairness, justice, and equal opportunities. We address systemic barriers and biases to create a level playing field for all individuals. We ensure equitable practices through fair compensation, professional development, and a supportive, inclusive work environment.


We foster an inclusive culture where all are welcomed, respected, and valued. We promote open dialogue, active listening, and diverse perspectives. We involve stakeholders in decision-making, including employees, clients, and community members, and encourage diverse participation in initiatives, planning, and leadership roles.


We are committed to providing accessible real estate services to all, including individuals with disabilities. We eliminate barriers to access our properties, offices, information, and communication channels. We comply with accessibility standards, offer reasonable accommodations, and provide assistive technologies for full engagement.


We are committed to being accountable for our DEIA efforts. We regularly review and assess our policies, practices, and progress for ongoing improvement. We provide training and resources to foster DEIA awareness and encourage all stakeholders to actively contribute and hold us accountable for maintaining an inclusive and equitable environment.

By embracing DEIA, Front Door Realty aims to create a real estate business that meets client needs and contributes positively to society. We believe an inclusive and equitable environment builds stronger communities and shapes a better future for all. Our DEIA policy guides our organization and is implemented at all levels. We invite employees, clients, and partners to join us on this journey towards a more diverse, equitable, accessible, and inclusive real estate industry. Together, we can make a meaningful difference.

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