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Dated: 12/31/2012

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Inspiration is everywhere

Nothing is worse than living right next door to a neighbor who can compete with Martha Stewart when it comes to interior decorating. I know. I lived next to my friend Camille who made my yard and home look…well rather mundane. Her eye for design was impeccable. Her flowers were seemingly always in bloom and her house always smelled of fresh baked cookies and donned the latest paint color.

One morning at a brunch with Camille, at her house of course -- she was a gracious host, she let us in on a dirty little secret. She told us over scones and fresh fruit salad that the way she kept everything looking straight out of a magazine was that she scoured fashion and interior decorating magazines for ideas! Once she found a picture of an interior she liked, she went to town shopping, sewing and crafting her way to homemaking bliss.

It seemed so obvious and yet still so mystical. I loved that she shared her secret with us. Most likely because every time we came over we gushed about all the newest additions to her already perfect home. 

Nowadays there are so many resources available online with great articles from giants in the industry such as Architectural Digest, Better Homes & Gardens, Simple and Martha Stewart Living. But, there are new resources as well such as Social Media sites like Pinterest that allow users to post “pin” pictures of things they like and include articles about how to make or where to find the items.

This year a friend and I attended the Vancouver Washington and Portland Oregon Parade of Homes Tours. They are yearly events that are open to the public and charge a nominal fee to attend. You are allowed to take pictures, gather resources and rub shoulders with the builders. This is a great way to spot the latest trends in Interior Design and to meet with the vendors who helped to put it all together.

Inspiration is everywhere. Don’t limit yourself to the ideas of others. Visit the fabric store and purchase a swatch of fabric you like and turn it into a throw pillow or draperies. Cut clippings from your yard to make an organic centerpiece. Bake something from your grandmother’s favorite recipes but add a little touch of your own by changing the ingredient list up a bit.

Whatever you do, enjoy the moment and you’ll cherish the result. 

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