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Dated: 02/22/2013

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Neighborhood Associations in Vancouver

Even the slightest mention of covenants in a neighborhood can make potential buyers cringe. Suddenly they feel as if their freedom is being taken away. Quite on the contrary, neighborhood covenants are actually put in place to keep the property value up and the surrounding common areas maintained.

Many cities have links on their websites to neighborhood information, Covenants & Restrictions, Community Calendars and even Neighborhood Association Websites!

Let’s take for example the city of Vancouver; it has over 60 neighborhoods represented. Say you want to find out about the Burnt Bridge Creek area, you can visit the Vancouver city website at:

view the map areas and click on the one that says “Burnt Bridge Creek”. Then you’ll get this page: 

From there you have access to all kinds of information including links to Neighborhood Association Liaisons, Association By-Laws, Action Plans and Maps. Don’t forget to check out the Newsletters as well as they are packed with cool information that will keep you informed of what’s going on locally.

Wow! What a great resource. So go a little crazy and check out a whole bunch of areas especially when you’re thinking of relocating. There are lots to choose from and sometimes the names will give you a little idea of the pride associated with those places. Here are few that I especially like the names of: Parkside, Esther Short, Riverview, Ellsworth Springs, Wildwood & Landover-Sharmel. Happy Searching!

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