Add A 100 Word Statement To Your Credit Report To Give It A Boost In Vancouver Washington

Dated: 07/29/2013

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Add a 100-word written statement to your credit report to increase your purchase power!

Want to buy a house? When it comes to telling your financial story, your credit report and the credit score determined by it always seems to have the last word, but you can write 100 of those words yourself!
  1. Written statements on your credit report can help you explain negative items.
  2. If the statement could portray you as a bad risk, don't submit it.
  3. Don't expect the statement to work like magic. Some lenders won't even read it.
  4. Experts say a statement can make you look proactive in lenders' eyes.

Thanks to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, when something's amiss with your credit report, you have the right to add a statement to your file about it, either to dispute a mistake or to explain your personal financial mishap. The Three Big credit bureaus limit each of your statements to 100 words each, but both Experian & TransUnion allow you to add multiple statements to your report; Equifax allows only one statement on your credit report at a time.

Experts, in some circumstances think that the ongoing credit crunch may spark a return to more manual underwriting. "Given the current economic environment, the shift to automated approvals may be reversing itself," says Steven Katz, a spokesman for TransUnion. "Banks are clearly scrutinizing every aspect of candidates' qualifications for a loan, so your paperwork may be more important than ever before."At the very least, a consumer statement can make you look proactive about your credit situation in a way that appeals to potential lenders. It can even scare off debt collectors.
Filing a statement shows that the consumer is educated about their rights, and that's what debt collectors try to avoid. Debt collectors know that an educated consumer is going to fight them and make them prove everything; they can't collect money as easily from people asserting their rights which gives them a reason to back down. Learn how to file a statement here!
Its all about being educated and telling your story, circumstances happen and we all have the right to speak up when it can help us. Consult a local professional lender to see where your credit is at, if you're at all interested in purchasing a home now is the time to do it! So many potentials buyers dismiss their desire by thinking there's "no way", too often they find out that they were wrong! Whether you're a month out to owning a home or you're a year out, your lender can help you!
SO... while the market is hot, connect with a local lender, then email me so I can show you your future home!
See you on the buying side!

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