13 Reasons To Buy NOW And STOP Renting

Dated: January 4 2017

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There has been a lrent buy home energy efficientot of chatter about the high price of rentals in our area. To help you make the best informed decision you can, below is a list of 13 reasons to buy a home instead of rent.

1 - Make It Your Own: After you buy a home, you can put in those beautiful hardwood floors, paint YOUR walls any crazy color that appeals to you, upgrade your countertops or take down a wall to enlarge rooms and open up sight lines. These are just a few modifications that can bring up the value of your home that you could not do if you rent.

2 - Energy Efficiency: By replacing windows or adding solar panels, you are making you home more energy efficient and reducing those monthly heating and cooling expenses. Depending on your area, there might even be some tax breaks for doing so.

3 - NO Landlord: How great would it be to not have someone telling you to keep your dog on a leash when nobody wants to stand in the rain while you pet does their business? When you buy a home, you eliminate those pesky noise pollution notices from the kids being too loud or having company over just a little too late that can come when you rent. In addition, fixing an appliance that breaks is now on your schedule instead of someone else's.

4 - Fixed Rates Don't Increase: Unlike rent, which is constantly getting more expensive, a fixed rate mortgage will have the same payments for the entire loan term on your home. Doesn't that sound nice?

buy rent home energy efficient

5 - Forced Savings: What happens when the water heater goes out? Home ownership forces you to save for the unexpected. And if nothing comes up, upgrade for more energy efficient appliances.

6 - Build A Second Income Stream: Want to make some extra money by putting your home to use for you? Rent out your spare room, your garage, or your RV parking space for a fee and reap the benefits of additional disposable money.

7 - Tax Deductions: I bet buy rent home energy efficientyou didn't know, the money you fork out every month on mortgage interest is tax deductible. In many places upgrading your homes energy efficiency rating can bring you tax breaks as well. Let's put that money back in your pocket.

8 - Low Interest Rates: Currently rates are still quite low. Recently rates have been on a slight incline. Act now before they go up again! Buyers lose about 18% of buying power every time rates go up by only 1%. Every day counts.

9 - Build Equity: By upgrading appliances, windows, floors or that hideous bathroom, you are building equity in your home. Most home buyers only stay in their home for 5 - 7 years before they sell and move on. By building equity you can roll that profit into your next home. Owning a home is seen as an investment into your future. In the event that something happens to you, you are leaving your family with an asset.

10 - Stability: Most of us have friends. We might have even met this person when we were kids. By buying a home, you are creating a stable environment for your children to nurture life long friendships as well.

11 - Sense Of Pride And Accomplishment: A home is a prized possession. You painted it, you mowed the lawn and you converted that garage. Now sit back and watch all the neighbors and their visitors gawk at what a GREAT job you did and how AMAZING it looks.

rent buy home energy efficient

12 - Build Credit: Credit is such a big deal in this day and age. Owning a home is one of the best ways to build your credit. Yes, you have to have some credit to buy a home but it doesn't necessarily have to be the best and owning your home helps you build it even higher.

13 - Why Pay Someone Else's Mortgage: Whether you buy or rent, you are paying someone's mortgage. Why pay towards someone else's retirement when you can invest in yourself and your family?

Most of you didn't even read all 13 reasons because you realize that time is of the essence. So if you or anyone you know has questions about the home buying process, wants help getting in touch with a lending professional or wants to schedule an appointment to see inside homes in Vancouver, WA, contact AJ Brungardt with Front Door Realty at (360) 904-4956. You can also browse available properties by clicking here.

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