Hanna Acres Real Estate

Located in East Vancouver just below Mill Plain Blvd. and 192nd Street is the neighborhood of Hanna Acres. This secluded suburb is a top pick for families as it's only a short drive from schools, groceries, and shopping areas. The development is built on a hill that overlooks the surrounding areas

What makes Hanna Acres so great

  • Union High School, Columbia Valley Elementary, and Clark College's Columbia Tech Center are all within a short distance of Hanna Acres

  • From Costco, to JCPenny, to a multitude of restaurants, Hanna Acres has great location for shopping all within a half mile radius

  • Direct access into Downtown Vancouver via Mill Plain Blvd. and Portland, Oregon via surrounding freeways

  • There are two parks within walking distance of Hanna Acres

The secluded neighborhood of hanna Acres is one you don't want to miss out on if you're a family looking for great location from schools, parks, and shopping.

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