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ELLSWORTH ON THE PARK - Town vs. County Stats

ELLSWORTH ON THE PARK - Town vs. County Stats

Avg Year Built in ELLSWORTH ON THE PARK: 2004 / County Avg 1996


Ellsworth is a neighborhood in a pocket of South Vanouver closest to the Columbia River. This area is a popular pick for families because it's a quiet residential area with plenty of opportunities for schools and shopping

What makes Ellsworth so great

  • The award winning Evergreen School District offers many Elementary, Middle, and High Schools for families to choose from

  • Ellsworth Elementary Schools is right in the middle of the neighborhood

  • There are plenty of churches in the neighborhood as well

  • Fred Meyers is just a 5min drive from the neighborhood

  • There is a Cinetopia theater, barber's shop, and plenty of restaurants in the strip mall across from the neighborhood

The Ellsworth neighborhood is a great pick for those looking for a quiet suburb with plenty of opportunities. Ellsworth is one great community to live in