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BETHANY AREA - vs. Stats

BETHANY AREA - vs. Stats

Bethany, Oregon is located just east of the Willamette River and Portland, Oregon. As a majorly suburban town, this area has a lot to offer families and those looking for a quiet suburb.

What makes Bethany so great

  • Great community with fantastic neighborhoods.

  • Majorly affluent with an avg. household income higher than Oregon’s by $13,000

  • An absurd amount of parks and trails

  • Low unemployment rate

  • Golf! Rock Creek Country Club and Claremont Golf Club offer beautiful 18 hole courses.

  • Full of greenery and trees

  • Top rated schools with many choices

  • Portland Community College has a location in Bethany for those looking to take courses

  • NW Sunset Highway makes access to Portland and Beaverton very easy

Bethany is an incredible pick for families and a lovely quiet area for those looking to escape the city, without entirely giving up access to it.