What Is Happening To The Downtown Vanvouver Waterfront

Dated: 08/09/2016

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 Are you ready for the down town Vancouver sky line to take on it's new futuristic look?  

Vancouver waterfront building project

  • A whopping 35 acres and $7 million has been dedicated to this massive change.  

  • Roadway construct went under way in 2013 and is now complete.  

  • They began the preliminary building phase in March 2016.  

  • There is no set completion date, but word on the street is that this project will be usable by the summer of 2017....

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  •  7.3 acre park That will allow a massive amount of inner city water access that has been blocked for over 100 years.

  • 3,300 residential units with the option to purchase or rent.

  • 1 million square feet (approximately) of office space.  This will include retail, restaurants and specialty shops.  

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  • This is one project that will single-handedly change Vancouver as we know it.  

  • We live in an awesome corner of the world and it's only getting better and better! 

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Some other building projects to look for in Vancouver:

  • Apartment complex almost complete in uptown

  • 3 story office facility in the beginning stages of building set in the middle of main street

  • massive upgrades being made to the Vancouver transit system almost complete.

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