Siren Salon Best Of Clark County Nominee

Dated: 02/27/2016

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    The most important and influential aspect of any business is the culture it creates for their employees and their customers. The moment you enter into their world, walk through their doors, log in to their website, call them up, you are immediately transported into their culture. You subconsciously take the business in through your senses and immediately form your first impression. First impressions often last longer than most people would like but isn't that why first impressions are so important? That first encounter with a business shapes your entire vision, almost without you ever realizing it.

    My first encounter with Siren Salon was getting in contact with it's owner, Kate Pfeiffer. I called to interview Kate about her business's nomination for Best of Clark County and was immediately met with warmth and a real conversation. We chatted for a while and set up the interview for the next day. A short drive from my office to hers and I found myself at their door. Walking in, the conclusions I had drawn (known to me or not) from my first interactions with her and her business were solidified. The room was well decorated, eclectic and comfortable. The employees were all working hard and smiling while they worked. Salon chairs were full, stylists busy, blowdryers buzzing, scissors snipping, but that didn't stop them from all greeting me and making me feel completely welcome.

    The interview that then took place merely supplied facts and details that completely supported the culture advertised. The passion for the work being done was palpable and contagious. The customers were enjoying themselves not only because their hair looked amazing when their appointment was done, but because the process was enriching, encouraging and uplifting. Culture is a hard thing to fake, it seeps into the walls, bleeds through the chairs and can be seen in the eyes of the employees and the body language of the customers. Siren Salon has successfully created a wonderful business culture and one everyone should experience for themselves.

    Siren Salon has been open for close to three years and has made a name for themselves for their quality of work and inviting atmosphere. They have put down deep roots in the community, getting involved with local fashion shows, downtown events and festivals, showcasing local artists in their lobby, and even researching their products to ensure sustainability. When asked about possibly expanding or opening a new location Kate voiced the value of focusing on the present and making sure what she has is run as efficiently and effectively as possible. She kept referring to living in the now and enjoying where she was at, and that explained why they treat their customers so well. They're not thinking about the paycheck or how quickly they can get the job done, but ensuring that what they are doing is done well and knowing that it requires concentration on the present.

    Kate herself is a character. She and her husband have an urban farm with animals ranging from dogs and cats to Nigerian dwarf goats (yes, Nigerian dwarf goats). Peacocks are next on her wish list, but she may need some more land before that can happen. She enjoys hiking all over the Pacific Northwest, specifically the Gorge, and makes a point to travel as much as possible to better shape her view of the world and gain different perspectives along the way.

    Posted below is our interview, unfortunately equipment wasn't working as well as we would have liked and the audio is a bit hard to hear. Luckily Kate's personality and the passion of Siren Salon as a whole still shines through. I encourage you all to go to: and vote for Siren Salon. While you're there check out all the other small businesses and vote for your favorites. You may already support them with your business, now you can support them with your vote. Help continue putting Vancouver and its small business on the map. Invest in community, invest in small businesses, invest in the cultures you want to propagate.


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