Property Values In Portland And Vancouver Spring Into Action

Dated: 05/13/2013

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As we say goodbye to the 1st Quarter of 2013, we are so fortunate to see the Northwest experiencing record amounts of sunshine AND the Real Estate market "Springing into Action" with record low interest rates, multiple offers, cash buyers, low inventory, and new construction on the rise. The Portland/Vancouver area has experienced over 20% increase in median sales price from the same time last year. So we give love to good Ol' "Mother Nature" which continues to give us beautiful sunshine but as far as the housing market, the facts remain that the economic indicators continue to reinforce that we have hit the bottom of the market and now is a good time to buy. 

As a buyers agent it would be the norm to know all about the neighborhoods in Vancouver, Wa. as well as best schools in Vancouver, Washington or what area has the best access to freeway, shopping, airport, brew pubs, starbucks, etc. Technology is becoming more and more effective in assisting a consumer with these findings- but once the perfect home is found the real BUYERS agents skills are now being put to the test.
This is where the rubber hits the road- THE OFFER. A good buyers agent has thoroughly interviewed the buyers and confirmed what price point they are comfortable with and spent time educating them with data on market as well as timelines in order to pounce on the transaction like a Ninja in the night. It is detrimental to be upstream to the approach and require the borrower to be FULLY approved with a local preferred lender which means if it is not a 100% cash buyer that a FULL Underwrite was completed and the only thing needed is an appraisal and a clean title.

This solid approval, also called the "Cash Certificate Incentive Offer" makes the sellers feel the offer is SOON, CERTAIN, and POSITIVE and greatly improves the success vs. the "other" offers that buyers WILL be competing with from another lender that may not have a local foot print of success as they could be one of the "internet banks" that has so many complaints they have VIP status at
So before you grab that first agent to find your home make sure you know they have a "Strategic Plan" in place to make sure that not just will they find the ideal home- but they have the ability to make sure you CLOSE on the ideal home.     

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