Movers Packers And Rentals 5 Tips To Help You Move

Dated: 01/28/2014

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Moving can be expensive and stressful; we all know it.  Whether you are purchasing a new home, or moving from one rental to another, the following tips should help a bunch!

1)  Look into local movers and packers:  call your local storage facilities and ask them who they frequently use or recommend for help moving?  A few men can pack a 27' x 16' storage unit into a 26' moving truck in a mere few hours if they know what they are doing.  

2)  Make a list of what you own:  this can help you determine what can go, and what needs to stay behind, be given away, or sold off.  The last thing you want is to move to a fresh new place, and have it overcrowded with ALL of your old stuff!  Keep the square footage of your new diggs in mind, and don't forget any built in storage.

3)  Pack, label, & pack more:  whether you are packing your life into neat, plastic bins, or throwing everything into grocery store produce boxes, you want to label the contents of any box.  You'll most likely be a bit overwhelmed when you move everything into the new place, and being able to find what you need without opening every single box will be a great help!

4)  Stuff it!:  Pack your boxes as full as you can.  Stuff softer items in between valuables and make sure there is no room for anything to move around.  The tighter you can pack, the less chances there are for something to break.

5)  Rent a moving truck:  if you can fit your belongings into a rental truck, do it!  This one decision can be the difference between hundreds, or thousands of dollars for your move.  Paying a moving company to pack, stack and move your belongings can be extremely expensive.  Just make sure to pay for the extra insurance on the rental truck in case of a freak occurrence… peace of mind is worth an extra $60 bucks.

Happy Moving!

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