How To Protect Your Home From Freezing Temperatures

Dated: 01/17/2017

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Vancouver is experience some seriously bad weather this year. 

Make sure you are staying warm inside and protecting your home from any damage that can be caused by these freezing temperatures.

Stay warm:

  • If the sun is shining, open up your curtains.

  • Keep furniture away from heat sources to allow maximum air flow

  • turn on ceiling fan for extra heat circulation

  • block all drafts in doors, window and cracks.

Protect your home from freezing pipes:

  • Disconnect and drain garden hoses and sprinkler systems to prevent freezing

  • Cover outside faucets with foam covers and insulate exposed pipes with foam pipe insulation

  • Know where your main water cut-off valves are and have a cut-off key handy

  • Open the cupboard doors under your sink to allow the houses heat to flow through

  • Look for the farthest faucet from the water supply and allow it to drip.  this will force the water to flow throughout the entire house

If pipes freeze:

  • you can use space heaters, hair dryers,  heat lamps or thermostatically controlled heat tape to begin thawing

  • keep faucets open to allow water to begin flowing and help prevent a rupture


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