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Dated: 01/25/2013

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Get Pre-Approved Today!

When searching for your dream home, or piece of property, it's easy to get carried away with grand illusions, stemming from the many listings available these days.  Disappointed is the future homeowner who gets their heart set on a 15 acre property, with river views and a humble cottage, only to find out quickly that they are playing in the wrong league:  they can't get a loan in the amount of the price tag on their dream home.

So instead of setting yourself up for disappointment, talk with your bank, or any another accredited brokerage or bank and speak with a representative who can explain their process and get you pre-approved, before shopping for your new adventure.

A letter of pre-approval is a general statement from a financial institution stating you have proven the financial stability and available funds to apply for a loan of a given amount.  The process typically involves you, the borrower, gathering up the required documents, like W2s, tax returns for the past two years, pay stubs for the last three months, bank statements for three months, investment statements and a list of your debts.  You will also need to fill out an application.  The agent will review your documents and application, and either give you mortgage options on the spot, or send you home to wait for approval.

Having a letter of pre-approval is a good jumping off point:  It not only gives you parameters for your search, but it also tells your real estate agent that you are motivated to find something realistic that fits your current situation, and that you are ready to make an offer if the situation presents itself.  It also shows a seller that you are serious and capable when an offer is made.

So, don't delay! Get Pre-Approved Today!

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