5 Tips For Newlywed Home Buyers

Dated: 05/03/2017

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Are you a newlywed couple and curious about or considering a home purchase? AJ at Front Door Realty and his wife Tina are newlyweds just like you. Check out this video blog about "5 Tips For Newlywed Home Buyers" as AJ sheds some light on this subject.

Hi there,

I'm AJ at Front Door Realty and today we're going to talk about "5 First Time Home Buying Tips For Newlyweds".

Tip #1 Choosing The Right Neighborhood

Outdoor lovers will have different criteria than those who prefer the downtown night life and either of these options will impact the neighborhood that you belong in. Make sure you sit down and seriously contemplate the lifestyle that you live, to make sure you pick the best neighborhood.

Tip #2 Don't Blow The Budget

Money is the number one reason that couple fight. So make sure you sit down and talk; have the conversation about what you want your maximum mortgage payment to be. Don't forget to include your other monthly expenses like car payments, student loans, cell phone bills, groceries and maintenance on your home. Then set aside a little extra for the rainy day fund. You deserve it, you're home owners. It is a big task but you have to take care of your relationship as well.

Tip #3 Right Sized For Your Life

Getting married and finding a new home is really exciting. You get all wrapped up in thinking about all of the rooms for all of the kids and all of the out of town guests. Instead of doing that though, focus on hunkering down and deciding what you need for about the next 5 years. Having an extra room for out of town guests, a new baby, or an office allows you the added flexibility that you are desiring, instead of buying a 5 bedroom home and spending a bunch of money on maintenance and upkeep.

Tip #4 Be Proactive About Safety

Some couples opt for a less than desirable neighborhood in an effort to save money. And while saving money might work well for you, compromising your safety is never a good idea. There can be crime in LITERALLY any neighborhood. One option is to install security cameras that sync with your cell phone. That allows you to monitor all of the doors in your home while you're away. Another option is to join the neighborhood watch team. They alert neighbors and authorities of suspicious activity when they see it.

Tip #5 Keep Communication Open

House hold chores and maintenance tasks can quickly cause ripples in your relationship. Remember to be understanding and hold up your end of the bargain by setting up expectations early on. After all, you both want the same thing. A happy and healthy home.

Thank You!

Thanks so much for watching my video! If you have any more questions pertaining to the real estate market, current trends or buying your first home, you can give me a call directly at (360) 904-4956 and I am happy to help. Thanks!

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