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The birth of mid-century modern homes came after World War II and continued to leave its mark on the housing landscape until the late 1970’s.  Today, mid-century homes have seen an uptick in popularity with families renovating and remodeling these homes.  You can find plenty of inspiration from sources such as HGTV and Dwell magazine on how to make these mid-century modern homes the home of your dreams.  Although these homes were built in the mid-century, many of their elements are appealing and relevant to families and home owners today.


  • Open Floor Plans

Although open floors plans are extremely popular in new housing construction and remodeling today, it is definitely not a new concept.  This concept was made popular in mid-century modern home designs of the 20th century.  Open floor plans let families truly connect with one another.  Daily actives such as cooking, entertainment and socializing can all be done in one area while engaging with one another.  As a wife and mother, this is an ideal setting for my home and family.

  • Large Windows

In the mid-century there was a longing to be more connected with nature.  Large widows and plenty of light entering the room encourages families to go outside and enjoy nature.  Being able to see the outdoors while you are inside your home helps stimulate the senses and encourages a healthier lifestyle.  You can also see your children playing outside while you are inside.  Not to mention as a plant lover large windows allow plenty of light to enter the room. 

  • Clean Lines and Functionality

Whether its a flat roof or plain geometric lines these homes are known for keeping the design minimal inside and out.  Today, most of us lead busy lifestyles.  The clean minimalistic design of mid-century homes lend a sense of peace to my busy lifestyle.  Easy to maintain and functional spaces are a top priority for my family. 

In my opinion, there’s not much not to love about mid-century home design.  I see these concepts as relevant in today’s contemporary residential architecture as they were in the mid-20th century.  I’m just as excited to see more new homes built with these concepts in mind as I am to see existing mid-century homes be a popular choice for families today. 

If you are looking for mid-century homes in the Vancouver, WA area, here are some great neighborhoods to check out – The Heights, Lincoln, Upper Lincoln and Lakeshore. 

Also when searching online, search for one level homes built between 1945-1979 or click on my link below.


Happy Mid-Century House Hunting!

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