5 Reasons Fathers Need To Dance With Thier Daughters

Dated: 01/14/2016

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5 reason Fathers Need to Dance with their Daughter.....

Image titleI have always felt blessed to have my father. He is my rock. I didn’t realize how lucky I was to have such an amazing man in my life until I had children of my own. And now, more than ever, I cherish every moment I have with my father; as well as every moment I have with my own children. Here are 5 reasons why every father should dance with their daughter...

5: She will never be at this precious age again.

We all know children grow up fast. Fact! Take this time to make memories with your little precious, she is growing older every day.

pearson airfield father daughter dance valentines

4: Teach her what it means to be with a gentleman.

The truth is your daughter will be looking for a man just like her father for the rest of her life. Set her standards high, she deserves nothing less!

pearson airfield father daughter dance valentines

3: Make memories with your young lady!

The day that my father took me to a dance and treated me like a princess is a day that I will never forget. Making memories with your little lady sooner rather than later is so important for her ego and your bond as parent and child.

pearson airfield father and daughter dance valentines

2: Make her feel special

This world we live in can be harsh, especially for young ladies. The constant need to fit into certain molds of perceived beauty gets tougher as the years go on. This easily lead to identity issues and low self-esteem. As a father you are put in a position of power. Tell her she is beautiful. Let her become accustomed to someone loving her in every moment, she deserves it!

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1: Life is too short not to dance with your children!

My father recently was sick with cancer. I had a moment where I thought I could lose him. Now I feel like I have a second chance with the man that has made me into the woman I am today. He has taught me to be a strong and independent woman. He has shown me what it means to be a parent and a partner. He is my world and I’m so blessed to have had him as a teacher, mentor, parent and friend. I only hope that more young ladies could have the experience that I have had. This is why I say… dance with your daughters. Tell her she is precious. Teach her what it means to be with a gentleman. Make memories. Make her feel special. Life is too short not to dance with your children!

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