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Sylvan Highlands - Town vs. County Stats

Sylvan Highlands - Town vs. County Stats

Avg Walkscore in Sylvan Highlands: 17 / County Avg 55


Avg Year Built in Sylvan Highlands: 1967/Co. / County Avg 1967


Sylvan is a Portland neighborhood that can be found off Sunset Highway and Southwest Canyon Court

What's to know about Sylvan

  • This is a gorgeous secluded neighborhood surrounded and infiltrated by beautiful trees and vegetation

  • The homes here feature a variety of styles from suburban to cabin-esque

  • The neighborhood is built on a hill granting amazing views

  • The Willamette State Heritage Site is a beautiful park that surrounds the northern end of the neighborhood

  • Direct access into Downtown Portland from your secluded home

Sylvan is a beloved neighborhood that gets away from the noise of the city in a beautiful getaway